Sunday, January 20, 2013

"A Perfect Complement to Any Meal...a Diet Soda"

No matter what you eat...from the greasiest burger to the sweetest of desserts...all the guilt seems to disappear when you follow your meal with a diet soda. Honestly, there's nothing like observing someone ordering a quarter pound burger with cheese, a large fry and an apple pie and then follow it up with a diet somehow in their minds the diet in the soda negates all the fats and garbage they're putting into their bodies.
Don't get me wrong, I have done this myself many times before and never thought twice about it. I had the mindset that I didn't do too bad if my drink was a diet soda versus a regular soda...all things considered though, I probably did myself more harm than good by drinking diet soda at all...but like they say, ignorance is bliss. I would have probably been better off if I just had a salad and a regular soda...but what's the fun in that.
We let our taste buds get the best of us in this country, we treat our cars better than we treat ourselves, are we idiots or just misled...are we mindless sheep being let to slaughter, or do we just not care.
If I thought it would help, I would say that we needed some kind of warning label on the doors of restaurants that served unhealthy foods and on unhealthy food products, but as we can plainly see by all the smokers in this country...people just don't care. There's too much of that "live for the moment and worry about the consequences later" attitude going around...and unfortunately sometimes requires life to pimp slap our ass to wake us up.

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