Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Online Dating Sites Getting Out of Control"

I actually just saw a commercial for an online dating site for farmers( ...yuppers you heard me right, farmers...really?! Now I'm not against people finding love online, to each their own, but this is really getting out of hand. Not trying to sound mean or anything, but do farmers even know how to use a computer? I'm sure at least one person on the site has the username John Dear...there just has to be.
What's next, an Amish online dating site...honestly I wouldn't really be surprised if there already was one...seriously. Hold on a minute let me check with my good friend Google...yes there's one, it's (! I really thought these guys had something against electricity and technology...don't they?
What about these Christian dating sites...they always claim God brought them together...but just wait until the honeymoon stage is over and the devil brings out the worst in them...then whose fault is it.
For gosh darn sakes there's even a dating site for people who want to cheat on their spouse...have you ever heard of Ashley Madison ( that is ridiculous!
That's just as crazy...why are people so afraid to date (or even hang out) with people who are different than just blows my mind.People like to preach unity when the public eye is on them, but as soon as they're all by their lonesome it's segregation all the way...people are such hypocrites. Haven't you people learned anything from the great philosopher Paula Abdul...Opposites Attract.
Not only do you have to hope that the person on the other end is who they say they are...and looks like their profile picture...but now you also have to make sure you're on the dating site that matches you up with someone who thinks, acts and lives like you do. It would be a really bad thing for a Scientologist who's looking for a potential mate to accidentally setup a profile on the "people who suffer from post-natal depression who take Paxil" dating site.


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    1. Unfortunately my friend you are so right, it is a crazy and a very unorthodox way to go about things, but I guess like saying goes, "whatever floats your boat". Honestly the scare me...who knows what you'll find there.

  2. Shockingly I met my husband online. We are VERY different. It works anyways. Although back then, if I'd have known about the site for farmers? Oh. right. I'd have steered clear of it. For a lot of reasons (sorry farmers if i'm pissing you off right now because i really appreciate you growing my lettuce for me but why don't you also find out more about some stuff that I'm not gonna get all stereotypish here on my NEW BEST FRIEND's blog :D

    1. Girl you are freaking awesome...I love your sense of humor. I'm not going to lie...I tried the online thing too...but after a few nut jobs I knew it wasn't for me.

  3. Some people might think online dating is total failure. But like it or not it's becoming the perfect solution for people like me who don't have enough time to socialize. Try it's really cool. So If you are having trouble dating in your hometown or in your native language, then you might want to look at other parts of the world and delve into travel dating for a change. will give you the chance to see what other worlds and other cultures have to offer. Plus, you will get to learn brand new languages and really get to be with the kind of people that you used to just adore from afar. If you want, you can also opt to see London with one person, go to Berlin with another and visit Paris with somebody completely different. The options are endless!

    1. Is this a sales pitch...or did you really use this site?

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  7. Hi Michael,
    Just perusing some of your older posts.
    This was an intesting one ideed.
    I have tried internet dating and it was just a regular dating site where you put your interests in, your snoking/drinking status, etc, etc and then the computer would send you matches based on that info. Not very spot on in the personlity department.
    Interstingly as fate would have it, I ended up meeting my best friend from school on Facebook after 20 hears and we got together. Facebook could also be seen as an internet dating service. Do you think?

    I do believe in dating sites online and we have a new friend making online service here in Australia that is taking off. I think that is great too! The reasons I think they are great are -
    1// you can meet people even if you have no confidence, are quiet, etc from the comfort of your home
    2// you can specify what you will and won't tolerate e.g, smoking
    3// it is not time consuming, energy depleting, especially if you work full time
    4// it is fun

    However....all that said, I definitely think there are flaws --
    1// people lie from behind the comfort of a computer about their marital status, etc, etc, and you have a greater chance of finding out who a person really is if they are out with their mates. You know what they say, "birds of a feather, etc, etc "
    2// people can waste your time online e.g lining up a date, then backing out because of last minute nerves at thinking they have never met the person before
    3// people act awkwardly on the first date because they both feel like desperados at having had to go through an onlinevdating service (i don't personally think they are desperados)

    The Madison dating service and ones that are like that, are appalling. However,,if people are going to cheat, they will do it with or without that particular 'service' (I use thatbword very loosely).
    The dating sites that are for a paricular niche, I don't think they should be an issue for us.
    If people want to only date farmers, well, that maybe because they are on a property themselves and another farmer will get that type of lifestyle. It is not for the princesses etc
    The sites for the Amish are a hypocritical joke though, as the Amish are not meant to be into technology.
    The church groups that use these sites, well, I think it's hypocritical again as it is not the way that God would have intended, as the bible states. People should come together in a place of worship and call his name (no pun intended) and have social gatherings to meet. Somehow, I think the church goers may rationalise this behaviour by saying that God has used the computer as a vessel for people to meet and fall in love. There are 'solid' explanations for everything Michael lol

  8. First off, thank you very much for checking out my nonsense, I really appreciate it.

    Secondly, of course Facebook could be used as a "dating" site, and I'm sure it has been used just for that, many times before and by many people.

    Finally, I totally agree with you, each and every dating site, regardless of its targeted audience, has it's pros and cons. If one chooses to go that route they must do plenty of research to make sure they pick the site that best fits their needs, then one must be extremely careful not to be put in an awkward, or bad situation when using these kinds of sites, especially women for obvious reasons.

    Thanks again for all the love my friend, you freaking rock!