Friday, February 15, 2013


Why all the hating on the I know they're not perfect, there are some bad apples in the bunch if you will, but overall they are not all bad. Just like in any profession you're going to have some screwballs that give the rest a bad for example, a few Catholic priest molest young boys and now because of that society believes they all do...which is obviously not the case. Remember people, the stereotype represents the minority not the majority...I know it's hard to believe and doesn't really make sense, but trust me it's true.
There are plenty of hard working good cops out there, doing their best to protect and serve their community and us as it makes no sense to me why anyone would hate on them. Now I can understand "gangsta rappers" having beef with the police or even someone who has had a firsthand negative experience with them, but the average everyday Joe...that's just crazy.
My cousin who is only fifteen and is as white as can be, thinks he's a thug. He is always talking trash about the police...saying stupid crap like "snitches get stitches" and calling every cop crooked and underhanded. I tried talking to him, I tried setting him straight letting him know that wannabe thugs end up in ditches or in prison as one of Bubba's bitches but he just didn't get it. He walks around with his hat cocked sideways, his pants sagging and a chip on his shoulder and he's straight outta the country club...the kid is as hard as Charmin.
If you've noticed, most of the people who are against the police are the same people who are breaking the law...but as soon as some serious poop goes down, these are the same people who are running for the phone to call 911...what a bunch of posers. Considering the police are one of the highest forms of authority, I guess it's just a way to rebel, kind of like when you're a kid and you rebel against your parents and/or makes you feel like a real bad boy...a rebel without a clue.
The cops aren't there to spoil your good some people would lead you to believe...but if your "good time" puts me and/or my family at risk of having a bad time then you can bet your buttocks that I'm calling them on you...and they will be all up in your hair like the po lice.
Me personally I love the me a cop me a snitch...but when things start getting out of hand I'm right there on the phone calling in the cavalry. I don't claim to be hard...I know I couldn't survive in the joint...I would be holding onto some big guys belt loop and being traded for a pack of smokes in no instead of trying to act like a tough guy, I let the pros handle it.
Whatever it is you call them...pigs, coppers, five-oh, the doesn't matter to my book they rock and deserve respect. Up with the cops and down with the crooks and wannabe thugs...straighten up and live right're not Al Pacino and this isn't Scarface.