Sunday, February 10, 2013


Have you ever spoken to someone who, no matter what the topic is, has to one-up you? You say you did something and they reply that they did the same thing, but just with a little more pizazz than you did. These people just don't do it once a conversation either, they do it throughout the whole conversation, sometimes even going as far as to interrupt you to one-up you.
I often wonder, is what they say the truth, or are they making this crap up on the fly just for a successful one-up. My aunt, who is a chronic one-upper, tops you with some outlandish she's topping her hot fudge sundae with thumb tacks...sure it's crazy, but it will get people talking...and honestly, that's what I think her ultimate goal is.
Sometimes I'm tempted to try and one-up the one-upper, just to see how outrageous the conversation will become...but that could be dangerous...especially if you're dealing with a professional.
Am I alone in wanting to slap these people in the head with a loaf of stale Italian bread?


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