Friday, May 3, 2013

“Stop Pointing Fingers”

I just read an article about how video games cause violent behavior and I have just one question...are people complete idiots. They tried the same crap in the 80s with rock music, remember, play it backwards and it tells you to kill your parents or worship the devil. It's not any form of entertainment's not even the guns...some people just do wicked things because...wait for it...they're crazy.

People...stop being sheep...wake up and smell the manure that is being spread around and passed off as truth. Stop blaming movies, music and/or video games for the evil things people do...believe it or not crazy people do's not like we're talking about Bigfoot and/or a government for the people here.

Wise up and realize that some people are just plain old nuts...we are living in a can of Planters mixed nuts people...and the sooner you realize this the better...of course some people are nuttier than others…and they are the ones you have to watch out for. Regardless of what they read, play and/or listen to, they are going to do crazy...and sometimes even atrocious things…it’s just who they are.

With all the crazies running rampant nowadays something needs to be done, but pointing the finger and blaming something else for all the wrong in the world is not the way to go…whether it be video games or weapons. We need to allow parents to punish their children without the fear of repercussion…now of course I’m not talking about child abuse here, but a firm smack on the backside when your kid does something out of line is not a bad thing.

Also, we need to make the penalties harsher on the people who commit these crimes and not broadcast it all over television and sensationalizing it…ultimately making stars out of them. We need to lock these morons away…somewhere way out of the reach of the media…let their trials run their course and if they’re innocent release them back into the wild…but if they’re found guilty then they need to be thrown down the garbage disposal…that or but in a supersized cannon and shoot into outer space.

We also don't need warning labels on music or video games, we need them on people. Everyone should have to submit to a psychological evaluation on a regular basis and depending on the results, should be slapped with an appropriate label. We will have only two labels…which would be an   "S" and an "I"...basically sane or insane.

All the people with an "I" label should be avoided at all costs...and for the safety of others, should probably be sent to Afghanistan or some other terrorist-ridden country, where if they do decide to go postal and/or blow something up, they would fit in just fine.



  1. LOL this is so true! Marilyn Manson did not convince you to do anything. Also, I really feel that its more of bad parenting than anything else. Parents just don't care, don't teach their kids good manners or morals and let them do whatever they want.

    1. I would have to agree...of course not all...but there is a good percentage of parents who do now care and/or let their kids get away with murder. You also have those parents who want to let their kids get in touch with their "feelings" and be who they are...which if you ask me is bullcrap...because when you're a kid you don't know who you are, you learn this from your parents and the environment you're brought up in.

  2. I agree. Warning labels don't prevent bad life choices. Especially in the case of video games! All of us need to practice personal responsibility...not just in parenting but how we live our lives. :) of course, this is a rather impossible dream, but it's what I think :D

    1. Amen to that...very well said. I couldn't have said it any better hit the nail right on the head.