Saturday, June 29, 2013

”Can I Get an Amen”

I am not trying to be sacrilegious and/or crap on anyone else’s beliefs with the things I am about to say, so put away your holy water and bibles, I am basically just sharing my feelings and outlook on established religion as a whole. I consider myself a God fearing man…I just don’t like what man has done with that God I fear…they have made him into more of a plaything for their own personal agendas, he has become a pawn in their evil games.

To each their own, if you’re happy and not hurting and/or condemning anyone else to hell for being sinful when you yourself are just as sinful and/or trying to recruit everyone you see to your religion of choice just like as if you’re a scout for a major league baseball team then have at it…enjoy yourself and I wish you many blessings.

There are many decent God fearing people in this world, who don’t go around hating and/or condemning others, regardless of which God they serve. The only reason it seems like the reverse is because the minority have bigger mouths and want all the attention, whereas the majority are perfectly fine just serving the lord they so choose to without making it into a spectacle.

And for the record, you don’t need a religious faith to be obnoxious…there are plenty of Atheists who go around throwing their stink and condemning others to the land of dunceville because they believe in a higher power…acting as if they are smarter than everyone else because they don’t have a faith.

So just remember people, it’s not your faith or the lack thereof that makes you an ass…it’s who you are as a person, it’s in your genetic makeup.

Now for my rant…

I grew up Catholic, went to church on Sundays, said my prayers and even avoided eating meat on Fridays so I am speaking from experience here, not just from what someone else told me and/or something I saw on TV.

1. I used to believe that I wasn’t good enough to speak to God directly; that I had to go through one of his boys like as if we were in the mafia or as if he was some sort of famous rapper. When it came to prayer it felt as if I lived in Florida and was trying to get to New Jersey but I had to go through California to get there, it just didn’t make sense and felt like I was going unnecessarily out of my way.

2. I wondered if they called us sheep because we were mindless and easily led, was the priest and the altar boys laughing at us (of course while they weren’t having sex with each other…sorry I know low blow but I just couldn't resist) behind the pulpit while partaking in some Jesus juice…I can only imagine the “people watching” stories they must have.

3. I didn’t see the point of the pope either…is he like some kind of religious godfather or something…is he the pimp and the rest of us his bitches…I really just don’t get it. Why is he any better than everyone else…does this man have information that he is using to blackmail God…did he catch God coming out of a hotel room with a female deity?

4. I don’t understand how people can believe that the bible is living but doesn’t evolve…they believe that what is between the covers is all he/she is…like there’s nothing deeper to him/her. I believe that the bible is a blueprint for how we should live our lives, but just a blueprint not yet the finished product. The bible gives us the foundation…but just like with building a house there are always changing laws/requirements that need to be respected and additions that need to be added on as the times change.

Speaking of the bible…I can’t stand when people take little tidbits of passages and use them as weapons to hurt/condemn others…when in all truthfulness there is more to the story…and in most cases a whole lot more. Tell the whole story or don’t say anything at all…the bible isn’t a cafeteria where you can pick and choose what you want and disregard the rest.

5. Why do people believe you have to go to church to serve God…doesn’t it say in the bible that he is omnipresence…so if that is the case I can spend time with him right in my living room and even the bathroom if I so choose to.  Now I know going to church is a great way to be around likeminded people and to be fed God’s good word…but if I never step foot in a church it doesn’t mean I just bought myself a one-way ticket to hell.

6. People who condemn others to hell…what gives them the right…who made them judge and jury over your soul. The people who go around beating on their chest proclaiming their self-righteousness and damning others to the fires of hell remind me of the dudes in the locker room who would go around bragging they banged more chicks than anyone else, when in all reality they never got out of the starting gate…all talk and no show.  Most of the people who do this kind of thing are the ones who would be considered the grand marshals of the hell parade…more fire than halos in their closet.

7. Truthfully to me Catholicism felt more like a workout regimen with all the standing, sitting and kneeling then it did a church outing, and with me being lazy I just wasn’t feeling it. Instead of “Sweating to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons, it was “Sweating to the Hymnals” with Father Bob…and just like with health club dues they made sure to collect your membership fees (aka tithes) every Sunday, and if you didn’t pay you were “exorcised” from the church.

End of rant...

I decided that after my dealings with Catholicism then I would leave the religion…but not my faith…I have found I can serve God and live my life as he would want me to without sacrificing the person he made. We are made in his image…and he doesn’t make mistakes…so who am I to tamper with his work and tell him he messed up.

I know it will seem to some that I am directly attacking Catholicism by the bulk of what I have to say, but that is not that case, it is how I was brought up and all I knew for a good part of my life so that is what I am speaking on. I’m sure there are other people, from other religions who have their own stories to share, so if they so choose to I am willing to listen. I don’t have an issue with the people who are genuinely serving God and do so under the umbrella of Catholicism…it just wasn’t for me because of the reasons I’ve listed prior.

God gave me these thoughts and the sense of humor I used to present them…so I refuse to believe that he will smite me as a result of it, so if you plan on attacking me for my words then please keep moving along because there’s nothing here to see.

Stop hating…put down the stones because there isn’t a single one of us without sin…and love thy neighbor as thyself as God has so commanded! The world will be such a better place if everyone abided by this philosophy.

You’ve just been churched…God bless,


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

“Blogging, What to Expect”

Writer’s block…one of the side effects of being a blogger;

There are times we will brainstorm until smoke comes out of our ears…but unfortunately the skies are bright and sunny…there aren’t even any clouds in the forecast.

Sometimes the thoughts run free and wild like a streaker at a sporting event…then other times we have to play hostage negotiator with our thoughts...our fingers have to talk our brains into releasing them. It’s not always easy…and sometimes the end result is a bloody massacre but we as bloggers must fight through it.

We eventually get something down…is it our best work, probably not…but at least it’s something…right?

Wrong…we are perfectionist and strive to do our best…so subpar just won’t do…not at all. So now we’re stuck dwelling on it, trying to polish a turd if you will…which in some cases works out for the best and then other times ends up still being a stinky turd…only now nice and polished.

Self-doubt…it’s all part of the game…unfortunately;

When it comes to having confidence in ourselves and the things we do we’re our own worst enemy, we will make ourselves believe we suck…and suck really bad…like getting a BJ from a vampire.

Unfortunately it’s just human nature…it is par for the course…and all that other cliché stuff.

Being a blogger is no different, as we are writing our so-called “masterpieces” we are on cloud nine, we think our poop doesn’t stink and that we can conquer the world. Then once we hit the “submit” button our confidence quickly fades, we become the worst thing since liver and onions…at least in our own eyes.

It’s the before and after affect…like what you see in all those diet ads…in the “before” picture the person is all round and out of shape, then in the “after” picture they are all skinny and all buff looking.

Well for us bloggers our “before” picture is us writing the next Harry Potter, securing our spot atop of the New York times bestseller list…and our “after” picture, well that is not too pretty…we start second guessing ourselves, start thinking we made the biggest mistake of our lives by hitting that submit button.

We are on pins and needles until we receive the first comment to our blog. We anxiously wait…like as if we are up for an Academy award and the presenter is about to announce the winner. When we see the first comment come through it is like the envelope is being opened…our fingers are crossed as we wait to hear who the winner is…us or our self-doubt.

We are a material girl/boy…living in a material world;

Everything and anything we come across becomes potential material…not necessarily good material…but material nevertheless. Instead of just relaxing and having a good time we find ourselves dissecting every situation we’re in…wondering if what we’re experiencing would make for a good story or not.

We have become investigative reporters…but not for something classy and tasteful like Time or People…we work for something like the National Enquirer. We find ourselves talking about Bigfoot, space aliens and possibly even Elvis sightings.

Money for nothing…and the stress for free;

We find ourselves busting our tails…doing all the work of the pros but not getting any of the money. We all have hopes of one day being discovered, being the next big thing…but unfortunately that never happens. The only people who know of us are the other bloggers who are in the same situation.

After a while it becomes more of a club than anything else…we do eventually make it big, but not in the way we wanted to…we end up gaining so much weight because all we do is sit at the computer, come up with crazy stories and eat food that is bad for us.  

Okay blogging isn’t all doom and gloom…it’s actually a lot of fun…but just make sure to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and your head out of the clouds and everything will be alright.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“Peace…Love…and Porn”

Porn…why do so many people fear it…and look down on it? If you ask me I think it’s a great thing…and no I’m not just saying that because I’m a dude…I really do believe it’s a good thing.
Think about it…if we as a society were a little less tight-butted about the whole thing, maybe sexually based crimes would decrease. I mean if one of those nut jobs could stop in a porn shop and get their rocks off just as easily as it was to go to the grocery store and pick up some beer and cigs then maybe they would be less inclined to attack someone…just a thought.
I know what you’re all thinking…having porn shops on every corner would trash up the place…and unleash the dregs of society on the masses. Well, I got news for you…the scenery is not all it is chalked up to be (at least not where man has been involved) and the masses are already partaking in porn, they’re just ashamed to admit it because of all you self-righteous closeted porn junkies out there who would shun them like as if they were lepers.
If consenting adults…of age of course…want to get it on and bang a gong for your viewing “pleasure” then what’s wrong with that. If these people want to allow us to watch them participate in the naked Olympics…of course the event depends on the viewer’s personal preference…then who are we to stop them.
Look at it this way, porn is like the adult version of Mister Rogers Neighborhood…with an off the chain sexually charged Land of Make Believe…and the Mister Rogers here is hung like a horse and banged more women than Wilt Chamberlain.
I mean c’mon you didn’t really think that so-called “amateur” who’s handling her business like a bull rider and pulling off moves like a professional wrestler was brand new to the game…or that the eighteen year old babysitter with the giant floatation devices on her chest was really eighteen and/or a babysitter and/or born with huge funbags that were so perky she could rest her chin on them…did you?
In this version of the “Land of Make Believe” there is no King Friday or Trolley…just dudes named Dick Hardwood or Buck Naked and toys that shake and bake baby. Also, there is no changing sweaters and shoes…only bed sheets and under garments.  So won't you be my neighbor…just please keep it down and don’t disturb me when I’m “reading” my Playboy **wink wink**.
So take the stick out of your booty…shake off all the haters like a bad case of fleas…and start enjoying some good porn. Trust me…not only will people be less inclined to sneak around and do something naughty…they would also be a lot less stressed and uptight.
Now I know this movement…the free porn movement (by free porn I don’t mean without cost, I mean just let the porn flow like the love did back in the 60s)…could possibly leave us in a “sticky” situation…but I have faith it would work out for the best. Oh yeah…before you let anything flow…please make sure to use protection…like Hefty bags and duct tape kind of protection…wouldn’t want everyone catching STDs.  
For gosh darn sakes…playing with your fun parts while relaxing with some porn isn’t going to send you to H E double hockey sticks…I mean God gave us those parts and told us to ” love thy neighbor as thyself”…so get to loving people.

Friday, June 14, 2013

“I Need a New Drug…of the Pharmaceutical Kind”

We live in a crazy world…as if you didn’t already know that. I can’t believe what things have come to…this place is a can of mixed nuts…and not a classy can either; you know the kind with almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts…this can is full of just plain old peanuts.

I went to my local drugstore the other day…just to buy a drink…and I noticed a lot of things behind the counter that seemed out of place. Things like Sudafed, Krazy Glue and the most surprising Chore Boy. So of course me being the busybody that I am, I figured I would inquire within to see what was going on.

I was told these products…plus some others…where being used for drugs…and to purchase any of them you needed to show identification. They also told me that a record of your purchases were kept on file and depending on how much you purchased of one product or the other a red flag would come up and the proper authorities would be notified.

I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing…and honestly after speaking with the sales representative I started feeling all creepy and paranoid…thinking that they thought I was a drug user and/or dealer because I was asking these questions. I quickly dropped the subject…paid for my drink…and left with a quickness.

Stupid druggies…because of them we normal people can’t even buy things without feeling as if we’re doing something wrong and/or without having all our purchases scrutinized.  We should start a revolution…we need to take back what is ours and stop feeling like a prisoner…especially when we did nothing wrong.

This is what I propose (and no I’m not talking about your typical pot smoker here…but all those other crazy druggies out there, including alcoholics)…we need to lock them up (possibly somewhere in Washington D.C. so they can be around all their other criminal buddies aka politicians) and beat them all silly with Nerf baseball bats and other assorted accessories.

We need to show all these criminals…politicians and druggies alike…that we are not going to take it anymore. We are not just going to roll over and play dead…we are not going to just do as they tell us…we are going to do something about it for gosh darn sakes!

Well okay…we are going to take it…because of course there’s really nothing we can do about it…but it sound good didn’t it. We don’t have to be happy about it though…and to show my disgust I may just go loiter outside of their establishment…that’ll show them.

All in all I think it’s kind of funny…you can’t but Sudafed, Krazy Glue or Chore Boys from a pharmacy without being carded and recorded…but on the same token these are the people who are shoveling out “prescription” pills like as if they were candy. I guess they are just trying to eliminate their competition.

So what did we learn…crack, heroine and meth are bad…but Xanax, Percocet and Oxycontin are all okay…that is of course if you have a prescription.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

“When Animals Attack”

Most people are stupid by nature…we all know this…and for those of us who can actually put together an intelligent thought without the aid of a shepherd…watching these stupid people in action is a great way to entertain ourselves.

One of the funniest things these people do is mess with wild animals and/or attempt to keep them as pets…it’s like watching Wile E Coyote set a trap for the Roadrunner…you know it’s going to blow up in his face (sometimes quite literally) so you just sit back and wait for the fun to happen.

Now first the pet thing…I never really understood having a pet that you couldn’t really…well um pet…and also kill you if they so decided to…like spiders, snakes and scorpions (which kind of sounds like the marshmallows in an evil version of Lucky Charms if you ask me).  Also monkeys…what in the poop flinging primate are these people thinking…if you want a small human like companion then adopt a kid…you’ll be doing the world a solid.

Next, incorporating wild animals into your show…not really a smart thing to do…just for your information, that bear you are about to sit down and interview…he wasn’t just stealing picnic baskets with Boo Boo at Jellystone Park.  That tiger you’re trying to get to balance on a ball…well he isn’t the spokesperson for Frosted Flakes…he will eat you if he gets the chance…all the while thinking to himself, “people…they’re gr-r-reat”.

Another stupid thing people do when it comes to wild animals…they invade their personal space then get all perturbed when these animals treat them like a piñata at a fat kids birthday party or as takeout. For example…the ocean…there are sharks out there…big dangerous hungry sharks…and we know this, we all saw Jaws, yet we all still go swimming…then get annoyed with the shark because he sampled the menu. The shark is not the one at fault here…it’s not like he came into your house covered in tartar sauce…you came into his house just asking to be bitten…just like a human vampire groupie.

I know this may sound harsh…but I don’t feel sympathy for anyone who messes with a wild animal and gets the stuffing beat out of them and/or killed dead…if anything I’m in the animal’s corner holding up a sign which reads, “I got jungle fever” and screaming like a little girl when Justin Bieber steps out onto the stage.

I also can’t stand when these “wild” animals go all normal (not crazy because they are just following their instincts) and kill and/or severely injure these fools and they kill the animals…I say screw that…kill the morons who were trying to play with them, who were keeping them as pets and/or invading their personal space…they’re the ones who deserve to be put down.

Where’s that crazy, “leave Britney alone” guy…the one who was crying like a beotch on YouTube…we need him to release a new video…this time telling all the freaks to leave the animals alone.