Saturday, September 28, 2013

“_______ Made Them Do It”

Feel free to fill in the blank as you feel fit, blame whomever and/or whatever you want when someone does something stupid and/or wrong, as long as it keeps the blame off of who it rightfully belongs on, which is the person themselves and/or the parents depending on the overall situation.

Was it the music they listened to, was it the video games they played or was it the devil himself who caused them to act the fool and shoot up a school or blow up a building full of innocent people?

It had to be something other than their own minds and evil desires because we all know they wouldn't have done that without some kind of outside influence, it’s just not possible…at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

People find it difficult to believe that there are crazy individuals with corrupt minds who walk amongst us, who would do something heinous regardless of what they listened to and/or watched on television?

Is it because we view ourselves as the superior species on this planet, we are on the top of the pyramid and everything else is beneath us, so there is no way we could do things of a horrendous nature without something/one in our ear telling us to do it?

Is it just a way to comfort ourselves, like a baby blanket and/or pacifier was for a kid during a bad thunderstorm, to make us believe that there is no evil in this world, that everything and everyone is good and wholesome with no bad intentions and/or thoughts of wrong doing?

I’m sure someone like James Holmes would still have shot up the movie theater that night in Aurora, Colorado, even if he only watched Veggie Tales movies and listened to Mozart, the freak was just a mental case of dynamite that was just waiting to explode on us normal people.

Parents didn't hug them enough, they listened to a record backwards, the show they watched on television glorified and/or promoted violence/rape, this list of excuses can go on and on but the bottom-line is blaming someone/thing else doesn't solve anything, just hinders the solution.

Now I’m not saying there aren't legitimate cases of people doing things due to an outside influence, whether it is good or bad, but I refuse to believe that every time something negative happens that it’s the fault of someone/thing else, it’s just not possible.

Stop pointing the finger, stop looking for a scapegoat, we will never correct the issues at hand if we don’t face them head on and do what’s necessary to correct them. We will never advance as a civilization if we don’t, it’s a matter of life and death here people, so get with the program.

It’s unfortunate for sure, but the reality of it is that we do have living and breathing screwballs blending in with the masses pretending to be one of us, who want nothing more than to cause havoc and ruin our lives, to think otherwise would be utterly foolish and ultimately dangerous.

So until we figure all this out, and start placing the blame where it belongs, I say we forget banning guns and allow everyone to carry a piece like as if it was the Wild West. Sure this gives the crazies a weapon, but it also gives us regular people one too, so we will have a fighting chance against the freaks.

If the people handing out the firearms thought for a second that the recipient was off their rocker, a few eggs short of a dozen or not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as a precaution they could give them one of those gag guns that when fired just shoots out a flag that read “bang”.

Of course judging a book by its cover isn't always the best way to go about things, so if they accidentally gave one of those gag guns to the wrong person and they lost in a duel to a whack job because of it, we could just consider it taking one for the team.


Chris Rock said it best...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

“Stereo(typical) Life”

Think how crazy this world would be if stereotypes actually represented the majority instead of the minority, we would be in for one hell of a ride. This place would be like a giant circus, forget the ozone layer, we have the big top.

If all blondes had huge silicone weapons of mass distraction and were as dumb as a box of rocks, getting laid and finding a floatation device in the case of a water landing would be as easy as 1 2 3. Life would be full of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee/Kid Rock kind of relationships, and honestly I wouldn’t mind one bit being the ugly one.

Think how much fun areas like Compton and Harlem would be if all African Americans could dance like nobody's business, these places wouldn’t be scary anymore, they would be like a Michael Jackson video on a constant loop. Instead of gunfire and sirens you would hear the boom of ghetto blasters and the phrase, “you got served” every second of the day. The only bad thing about these areas would be the shortage of ribs, chicken and watermelon.

What if all Mexicans were really in this country illegally and here to steal our jobs, think how much fun that would be for employers, forget about firing the bastards when they didn’t do their jobs, just call Immigration and have their asses deported…boo ya! You would also never have to worry about them asking for a raise either, minimum wage, below minimum wage or even paying them in tacos, it doesn’t matter because who would they complain to.

All those pesky gays, out for your children and your pecker, well maybe we should just castrate them all, that would solve everything…right?  These bastards want to nail anything that stands up to pee, all us straight men should walk around with chastity belts on to help protect our balloon knots from hostile meat darts, we need to keep them intact people.     

What if all the Republicans really were gun totting, death penalty for everyone, sleep with their sister rednecks, would we really be comfortable voting for them and having them be the face of our country? Would we have to keep an eye on the American flag, because if not we could one day see it disappear and replaced by the Rebel flag?   

What if all the Jewish people out there really where penny pinching cheap asses who would rather die than part with a dollar, would society be like the Titanic, with all the Jews in first class being escorted to the lifeboats when the ship is sinking while the rest of us our locked down below? Would the ever so popular and extremely fun kids play thing known as the top be replaced by the dreidel?

What if people from the Middle Eastern were all terrorists? Would you be afraid to piss them off because you would never really know if that day they were sporting their bomb belts or just their regular belt they picked up at Walmart, or maybe they just had enough and were ready to end it all so they could have their seven virgins and treated as royalty in heaven.  

What if all Asians were master martial artists, computer geniuses and math was as easy as “pi” to them; would we all want one in our crew, especially when we were in school? Bully and algebra wouldn’t bother us at all, hey punk, one plus one is two fists in your face fool.

What if all us white people…hmmm well…I guess we do fit our stereotypes to a T, man we’re lame. We can’t dance, we’re tight asses and of course we are “the man” that everyone keeps talking about. Dang it man, why couldn’t I have been born a minority…stupid white parents!

Stereotypes are hilarious, and anyone who actually believes them is even funnier. Come one people, wake up and smell the crap that is being spewed by all these hateful pricks and stop spreading this nonsense around like as if it was butter.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I don’t believe the word “fags” is a derogatory term, I truly believe it is an acronym for “Fabulous And Gorgeous Superstars”. Think about it, the majority of gays you come across are just that, they are fabulous and gorgeous superstars, they shine bright and are ever so proud of who they are.

It is very rare that you see a gay man looking like he just came from Walmart and is now heading home to the trailer park where him and his “roommate” are feeding their ten bastard children on hotdogs the government paid for which are being cooked on a car engine that is laying on the front lawn…not hating, just saying.

I know some of you would say they are not proud of who they are, that if they were they wouldn’t be hiding out in their “closets” pretending to be something they’re not. My answer to that would be, the only reason they hide out in those so-called “closets” is because there’s way too many crazy hateful fuckshits out there that would beat them up just for being who they are.

Needless to say them hiding their true selves is not because they are ashamed of who they are, but rather because they don’t want to end up as a redneck piñata just because they are different…and not into their sisters.

Once the people find a new group of people to hate on, for no apparent reason, then there will be no reason for gays to be concerned about coming out…they will be out like Anthony Weiner’s wiener. Until that day however, they have to keep their identities hidden like Superman, well more like Wonder Woman, but without the female body parts…but of course with all her sexual urges, oh no I di'int.

There are a few other things that I find funny when it comes to hating on gays, things that don’t really make any sense to me, but oh well, who am I.

First, I find it odd when people say, “I don’t mind gays, as long as they don’t shove it in my face”, and this just amuses me beyond belief. Mainly because I know most gays wouldn’t shove “it” in your face if you were the last man on Earth (oh snap).

I think most of the people who say things like that have tendencies, and not necessarily of the gay kind either, they have whack job, serial killer and asshat tendencies just to name a few. So the next time you hear someone say something like that you better run for cover, because you just never know. 
I also find it funny when some people say it gross that they give it to each other up/down (I say up/down because it all depends on who’s doing the ramming and if they are on top or on the bottom) the kiester, that’s just grodie they say, but the first thing they do when they’re alone with their significant other behind closed doors is ask for anal…jealous perhaps.

Of course they get denied, like an applicant seeking a loan with poor credit, so they get angry and in some cases even embarrassed, so who better to take that frustration out on than the professionals. They’re mad that gay guys don’t mind pooper poking, and they feel if they can’t have it than no one should. 

Lastly, I can’t stand people who use religion as a weapon, who try to use it to back up their hating hearts and make themselves feel justified for their evil ways. Like for example, when they say, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”.

That just sounds so stupid and ignorant, and my response back has to be just as childish and immature, so I say, “God also made fruits and vegetables, not burgers and fries, so get your fat ass out of here before I beat you down with a wiffleball bat”…too much?  

This piece was written to show all you homophobes out there how stupid you sound and how ridiculous you look when you hate on gays and this is coming from a straight man, believe it or not.

They don’t tell you how to use the hammer in your toolshed, so don’t tell them how to organize the clothes in their closet. Live and let live people, stop hating on what, and who, you don’t understand and start treating each other like you would want to be treated.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

“Lice Lice Baby”

Unfortunately I had those little buggers before; when I was younger of course, now I keep my hair shorter than a butch lesbian and keep all the Walmart shoppers away with a stick…of deodorant that is.Needless to say it was very uncomfortable and not really all that enjoyable, I walked around with my hands up in my head as if I was constantly lathering with some kind of invisible shampoo.

They used my head as party central, and they tore it up like some drunken teens on Spring break. They were zooming around my head like as if they were Jeff Gordon and my head was the Daytona 500. I felt like a mobile high-rise apartment building, with my head being the penthouse, and there were more residences up there than rednecks at an NRA convention.

It was very embarrassing to say the least, especially when I was called into the school nurse’s office to have my head checked.She was sifting through my hair like as if she was a hunter, in rubber gloves and armed with a comb, searching for her prey, the infamous lice bug.

She found what she was looking for and called my parents to come pick me up so they could take me home to try to exterminate the bugs. When my parents finally got there, I was escorted out the back door like I was some kind of celebrity, trying to beat the crowd out of the gates.

My parents tried many ways to get rid of the little bastards. One way was drenching my head in pure kerosene, and since they were smokers they did it with a lit cigarette dangling from their lips. So there I sat in the tub, buck-naked with a head full of kerosene and one ash away from being Michael Jackson in a Pepsi commercial, needless to say it wasn't fun.

The whole time I had that stuff on my head I was fearful it would drip into my eyes forever blinding me, turning me into a highly combustible Helen Keller.
Thankfully that didn't happen; everything went off without a hitch, or so we thought. We later found out that kerosene only killed the adult bugs, and didn't do jack squat to the eggs.

Like in the Alien movies, if the space marines only killed the adults and let the eggs live, they would find themselves wearing a facehugger and giving birth to a bastard alien baby in no time flat, making all their cleanup efforts for naught. The same is true for lice, well except for the bastard alien baby thingy, as far as I know that won’t happen. 

If not treated correctly these creepy critters won’t go away, like Bebe’s kids, they don’t die, they multiply. So a few weeks later we found ourselves right back in the same situation, but this time my parents tried some over-the-counter lice treatment and spoke to the professionals before proceeding…which in this case was other parents who experienced the same thing.

We did the shampoo, washed every possible thing in the house we could, and dug in each other’s heads with a comb looking for eggs like a pack of gorillas cleaning each other. This time it seemed to work better, they seemed to be gone and killed dead, we were as happy as African Americans the day they heard O.J. was not guilty.

It was a rough time for sure, and I’m glad it’s over with, but I can tell you for sure if I ever get lice again I’m going completely bald like Moby.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

“If You Write It, They Will Come”

Okay it’s hump day and since I’m not humping, I figured I would write a blog, not really an equal trade-off but oh well, you have to take the good with the bad.

Now I didn't really have anything in mind, nothing too clever and/or enlightening happening in this dome of mine, so I went looking for inspiration. I decided to take a look at the keywords that brought people to my blog; I wanted to know what it was they were looking for that made them find me.

I was thinking I would find words/phrases that were sophisticated, that sounded like something you would hear at a Mensa meeting, things that would make me smile and say yuppers I’m one smart cookie for writing that.

Although to my surprise that wasn't the case, people were seeking all sorts of crazy nonsense; things like “fat men with boobs” and “monkeys dirty asshole” just to name a few. After seeing that my ego quickly went flat like a tire with a nail in it, and I realized I was more of the class clown rather than the teacher’s pet.

I even saw things like “hot naked women in dresses” and thought to myself, if these hot women were in dresses than they’re not really naked…right? I’m was lost, is my audience as dumb as a box of rocks, or just so horny that they can’t think straight.

People also searched “white girls with big round asses”, "wedgie" and “hot cosplay chicks”, now searches like this I can understand, and as a matter of fact it may have even been me who searched it. What can I say, sometimes a man has to take matters into his own hands **huh huh**.

I didn't need a pair of glasses; because I could clearly see that not many mature individuals were reading what I was laying down. I can say for sure that you wouldn't find any parents reading my blogs to their children as bedtime stories.

I should probably have it where my readers could print out a dunce cap, all they would have to do is cut along the dotted lines and slap some glue on that mutha to assemble, of course they would have to use safety scissors and “crazy” glue because I wouldn't want anyone to stab themselves in the forehead.

This information made me question what I was doing, was I keeping myself from becoming a success and hindering my intellectual growth? Forget the “man”, was I keeping myself down, keeping myself from being all I could be like the army.

Should I change who I am, should I conform to the so-called norm and climb into that proverbial box that so many people seem to reside in? Would I gain more readers and/or would I be more respected if I did, could I even be passed off as mainstream if I took the safe politically correct route?

I quickly came to my sense and smacked myself in the back of the head for thinking that crap. I don’t want to be like everybody else, I’m not trying to be your clone, I’m trying to be your superior. I enjoy writing things that don’t make sense; things that make people laugh and forget about their everyday stresses, things that aren’t all that involved and all smarty tarty.

So to anyone who found my blog by searching some random nonsense, you’re the bomb diggity, and don’t let any tight-ass mofo tell you any differently. Be proud to be off your rocker, embrace the laughter and keep humor alive.

To all the some beaches who don’t comprehend this shiz, well too bad, I’m not changing for anyone and I’m staying insane in the membrane.

(Actual keyword(s)/phrases searched that brought people to my site) 


Monday, September 9, 2013


I’m not trying to knock anyone who smokes cigarettes, because I know for gosh darn sakes there are things that I do that gross people out and that aren’t really all that good for me, so for me to call someone else out would be very hypocritical and I’m not about that.

This piece is really just to question why, why do you smokers smoke, what’s the appeal? To me when I see someone smoking it looks like a cancer bomb about to go off, with the cigarette being the fuse. I just don’t understand with everything we know about these harmful little bastards why someone would consciously choose to fire one up.

I never smoked; I’m an L 7 (which means square to all you unhip people out there) so I never had the pleasure, or displeasure, of having one of those little smoking sticks hanging out from between my lips like as if I was sucking on a lollipop.

So I wonder, what is the appeal, do they really calm your nerves like some people say, do they taste “smooth” as the advertiser claim and/or does having one of those fiery sticks clutched in your hand make you look cool and all Fonzy like?

What made you decide to smoke, was it all the hype and/or peer pressure, the cartoon characters “pushing” them on you or was it just for something to do because you were bored? Maybe it was even something underhanded, like the big tobacco companies paying people off to smoke their product.

Are they like a pro wrestler who has you in an emotional bear hug? A girlfriend/boyfriend you love that you just couldn’t see your life without them and even if they did leave, you would stalk them like crazy, restraining order or not? Are they that addictive, would you ever suck a cocker spaniel for one if you were broke?

I find it crazy that people are running around blaming “big tobacco” for them smoking, that’s just as nutty as fat people blaming McDonald’s for them being fat. Stop pointing the finger people and put the blame where it belongs, which by the way, is on yourself.

These things seem like they are very powerful, a really hard habit to kick, at least from what I’ve witnessed from the sidelines. I mean there are patches/pills, electronic cigarettes and even support groups to beat this personal demon.

That just blows my mind, because I’m an overeater, and I’m not saying dieting isn’t hard, but I have never thought about wearing a pizza patch and/or eating an electronic cheeseburger.  Now don’t go me wrong, a pizza patch sound de-lic-ious, but only if there’s no anchovies.

Also, those antismoking commercials are gross, disturbing, and should only be shown to smokers and people who are considering it. Nonsmokers, who know better than to smoke, shouldn’t have to endure that sickness.

Cigarettes should come in case where every time the smoker pulls out a cigarette it would play one of those commercials, we know they have the technology to pull it off, so why not.

I don’t want to be in the middle of dinner, watching Miley twerking on stage, and have one of them come on. I would lose my appetite with quickness and probably never be able to eat a triple bacon french fry cheese burger again without those images popping in my head again.

With all the health risks, and not just to you but also to people around you, and the chunk it takes out of your wallet, why keep doing it? What is it about cigarettes that keep you smokers coming back, why can’t you just throw them in the air and say muth humper I’m done and walk away without looking back?


Monday, September 2, 2013

“You're So Rude; I'll Bet You Think This Blog is About You”

I can’t stand rude people, they drive me nuts, and I have wanted to introduce the bastards to the backside of my hand on more than one occasion. The only reason I haven’t is because I know that more than half of these crazies are packing heat and they’re not afraid to use it, with each slap I would be playing Russian roulette with my life, and I’m not having that.

What happened to this world, why are people so inconsiderate and nasty nowadays? Is it really because we don’t allow parents to beat their kid’s asses anymore; is it true that if you spare the rod you spoil the child? If that is what the problem is, then I say let the parents take the restraints off and start kicking some serious kid ass.

There should be some kind of law on the books where these kumquats would get a fine and/or even an overnight stay in jail, depending on the severity of the infraction, for being disrespectful and/or discourteous in public. If not that, then at least something that will keep them in check, make them think before acting.

Honestly I don’t even like to go outside anymore, because it seems where ever I step I run into one of these freaks, and dealing with them makes me want to pop their head like a pimple. If I knew I wouldn’t get into trouble, I would carry a wiffleball bat around with me and whenever someone stepped out of line I would beat them down like as if they were a piñata and we were at a Mexican celebration.

We have a rude epidemic on our hands, and we need to quarantine it before it gets any worse. What we should do is build a giant Walmart in every state, send out invitations to the grand opening to all these rude bitches, and once they’re all inside lock the doors and throw away the key, it would be like a prison for the rude.

You know what else we need, someone like Batman, but instead of him patrolling the streets and fighting crime, he could be patrolling the people and kicking the ass of anyone who is rude and/or obnoxious. Knowing he’s out there would be like a scared straight program for all these jack wagons, they would think twice before walking into someone and not saying excuse me and/or not holding the door for someone who is right behind them.

I tried to live by the motto, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” but I couldn’t bring myself to be such an anushole, it just didn’t come easy to me, I guess it’s because my mother raised me better than that. I don’t know what to do, I’m at a loss, do I just ignore it and go about my business as usual or do I go all ape crap on these fools and risk landing myself in the joint or possibly even killed dead?

We all know it’s not going to change for the better anytime soon, so I’m just going to have to suck it up and let these fuckshits continue to be who they are, and not let it get the best of me. So I will continue to bite my lip and not say a word, just do my best to avoid these nitwits as much as possible.