Friday, October 25, 2013

“Michael Bay’s Next Movie”

We all know that Michael Bay isn’t normally known to make the best movies, at least not as far as the storyline in concerned anyway.

But one thing he does well is action, his movies are over the top and as flashy as they come, you won’t leave one of his movies without feeling as if you just rode an out of control thrill ride.

So if we don’t worry about the storyline and only concern ourselves with the action, then why don’t we have him direct porn movies, isn’t that basically what porn is anyway?

Think about it, it would be the best of all worlds, explosions, crazy car chases and of course people doing the nasty…does it get any better than that.

We could have crazy fights before the banging begun, a dude where his pecker would be the hilt to an outrageous sword, he just yanks on it and out comes the blade.

Now of course he would have to be careful not to yank on it too much, because before you know it he would be getting an ass kicking while he’s bopping his bologna, and that is by no means a happy ending.

We could also have chicks with boobs that were missiles, asses that drop depth charges and vaginas that shoot out nets to trap the guys…kind of like in real life, am I right.

We could also have all sorts of outlandish backdrops, maybe like a post-apocalyptic world, or even prehistoric times, where they can hit it like a CAVEMAN!

People could be doing “it” while all kinds of extreme things are happening around them, maybe like in the back of a car while it’s be chased by some pissed of drug lords, in a room that is being shot up in slow motion like something right out of the Matrix or even on top of some wild animals like tigers and bears.

Think of all the great titles too, he could reuse Bad Boys for obvious reasons, or how about Transporners, think about how cool it would be to see all those transforming vibrators, just please no Shia LaBeouf.

Just think of the possibilities, they are endless, and with Michael Bay’s imagination running wild we are in for a good time.



  1. Okay, I have no idea who Michael Bay is. You have me on this one. Beyond that, just your typical, maniacal, and MJM signature writing, which never fails to amaze me. Also, I must apologize as I've just recognized you and I have the same background. I'm guessing you had yours first, so off I go to change mine. Sorry, my friend. It was not intentional!

    1. Here is who Michael Bay is my friend...

      Thanks for the love, you rock.

      Background, I have no idea, all I know is Julie helped me with it.