Monday, October 7, 2013

“Miley Cyrus”

Forget Britney, leave Miley alone!

The more you idiots pay attention to her for doing the crap she’s doing, the more she will continue to do it, each time trying to outdo the time before.

I’m not knocking her for it because that is what Hollywood is all about, the more people are talking about you the better, and it doesn't matter whether it’s positive or negative either.

So for all you numskulls out there, who think your bitching is hurting her (or her sales) think again, every time you open your fuckbox you are depositing more money into her piggy bank…cha ching.

If you really want to blame anyone for her actions, if you feel you are so entitled to, then blame “her daddy” mister Achy Breaky Heart himself, Billy Ray Cyrus.

He’s the one who said it was okay to throw a blonde wig on her and put her in front of the people to entertain them when she was younger, like as if she was a trained circus monkey.

Do you know what the real problem is here, you rejects are just upset because you hoped Miley would raise your kids; teach them to do well, to stay in school and to respect their parents.

And now that she’s acting like any normal kid would in her situation, don’t believe me well then check out the track record for the many other Hollywood child stars, you get all bent out of shape and want to crucify her.

News flash geniuses, the person you saw portrayed on the Hannah Montana television show/movies wasn't real, just a character that was created by a team of writers and producers for your entertainment.

Get it, the “Miley Cyrus” character wasn't real, it wasn't an accurate depiction of who she was as a person, she was made up, she was fictitious, she was about as real as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

Just because the main character shared her namesake, didn't mean it was autobiographical, it was all make believe just like everything else is on television, and the sooner you folks realize that the better off we’ll all be.

So stop hating on the girl for twerking with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, riding on a wrecking ball naked and for letting her tongue hang out like as if she was Gene Simmons from Kiss, and start loving your kids and raise them to know right from wrong from your example, not from the actions of a character created by man.

Stop looking for parenting substitutes, there aren't any, you’re the one who had the kid, not the television set or any other inanimate object for that matter, so do what is necessary to be a parent. 
The next time you feel the need to hate on Miley Cyrus (or anyone else), squash it and go hug your kids instead, trust me when all is said and done it will mean more to them then you realize.

This story has two morals, one of which is to raise your own kids and stop depending on Hollywood to do so, and the other, it is not Cyrus who is acting like a fool, it is you for feeding into it and fueling the fire.



  1. I think this is your best post to date! Great job, MJ!!!

  2. I have no kids. I just find her annoying as all get out. Much like One Direction and the like. I just want to wave my cane at the lot of 'em and tell them to get off of my damn lawn.

    1. She is annoying, but the only reason why you see her and/or hear about her all the time is because people constantly feed the fire, they never let it die down.

  3. As soon as I read Miley Cyrus, I thought, "okay let's see what else she's going to be bashed for. Wrong! Awesome Post! I think every "PARENT" should stop squealing and read this!

  4. I think Cher summed it up well (or at least I match her opinion), the VMA performance wans't so much that it was sexual, it was more that it wasn't done well. Britney Spears wore a nude-sparkly suit that made her faux-naked and she danced around with a python like a stripper, but it was part of a massive show with choreography and some type of theme. Her performance was half-hazard and ridiculous and she subsituted sticking out her tounge with emoting. It was off-putting and then add the over-the-top sexual stuff and you get an "outrage" from conservative folk.

    I completely agree regarding the parenting thing. Having a dialogue about respecting your self and body to a tween is going to go a lot further than waiting for an episode of Hannah Montana to do it.

    1. I would completely agree with that, the performance was horrible and so not worth watching. Too bad I can't rewind my life and get that time back, I so would.

      Exactly, that what all parents should do.

  5. Good point re: the tongue. Like you say, it does suggest an assumed stage persona a la Gene Simmons of KISS or maybe Alice Cooper. It’s so exaggerated it just has to be role-playing.

    1. Exactly...the girl is just trying way too hard to be shocking.